Accent On Clean Checklist:


Package A - (General detail cleaning)

Package B - We will modify package A to suit your individual needs.

* Pet's fur requires a longer cleaning time so please inform us of your pets ahead of cleaning.

* Deep cleaning fridges, stoves and closet spaces require extra time.

*We are flexible with this list and can certainly modify it to your specifications!

This list is based on an average cleaning requirements.



O  Interior front door cleaned

O  Doors/knobs/switches sanitized

O  Floors/baseboards dusted/webs removed 

O  Stairs and bannisters vacuumed/cleaned & sanitized

O  Mirrors/pictures surfaces cleaned/dusted (please ensure they are properly fastened)


Living Room:

O  Hardwood floors damp mopped/sanitized to your specifications

O  Carpets, rugs vacuumed

O  Baseboards/crown moldings/walls dusted/de-smudged

O  Window ledges/tracks sanitized

O  Curtains dusted, blinds dusted and/or washed

O  Pictures dusted, front and back (please ensure they are properly fastened)

O  Mirrors cleaned (please ensure they are properly fastened)

O  Upholstery vacuumed (leather wiped with cleaner provided)

O  Trash can emptied/sanitized

O  Glass/wood tables wiped/polished with your polish

O   Doors/knobs/switches cleaned/sanitized



O  Small/Large appliances surface sanitized 

O  Counter-tops/back-splash sanitized

O  Window ledges sanitized

O  Sliding glass door/tracks washed/sanitized

O  Tables/chairs sanitized

O  Floor edges sanitized

O  Baseboards dusted, de-smudged

O  Dishes on counter loaded into empty dishwasher

O  Fridge interior is given a light wipe down 

O  Doors, knobs, light switches sanitized

O  Trash cans emptied as per instruction/sanitized

O  (Recycling options available)



O  Mirrors cleaned

O  Sink/back-splash sanitized

O  Doors/knobs/switches/vent cleaned

O  Tub/shower/back-splash sanitized

O  Light soap scum removed

O  Floor/baseboards/sides facing toilet sanitized

O  Towels changed with fresh ones provided

O  Trash can emptied/sanitized 

O  Toilet sanitized



O  Cabinets/TV dusted, polished

O  Floors/baseboards vacuumed/mopped

O  Doors/knobs/switches sanitized

O  Mirrors/pictures cleaned

O  Trash can emptied/sanitized

O  Mattress vacuumed (monthly)

O  Beds made with fresh linens provided

O  Curtains/blinds dusted

O  Window ledges/tracks sanitized


 Imagine: You walking on the beach, hiking your favourite trail,

playing with your children, chatting over coffee with your friend..... 

then returning to a fresh, clean home!