• Clare Newmark

Choose the RIGHT Cleaner

As with so many things in life, sometimes it is just time to ask for a bit of extra help. When it comes to your life, often your home is not the peaceful haven you really would like it to be. With business and family obligations taking so much of our time, often housework is the last way we want to spend a spare hour.

Finding the right cleaning company is only a click away. Search first for companies in your area, then take the time to check out the website, read the blog. Contact the company and ask for references.

Communication is the key to a good relationship and to getting the kind of service and results you want. Make sure that you and the company owner understand fully the scope of services offered. What makes then a good fit for you? Is attention to detail a must, do they clean under the furniture and catch high cobwebs, or do you just need someone to come in once a week to do the laundry.

Have a discussion about pricing and expectations. Do not expect the same cleaning rates for a light house clean as opposed to a post renovation clean. If you have had your sister and her kids at your house for a week, you can assume that your cleaner is going to need more time to bring your property back to the condition you have agreed on.

Finally, communicate immediately if there is anything about their service that does not please you. Relationships take time, and often a simple misunderstanding can derail a relationship before it has had a chance to bloom. Choose your cleaner because you like the person and can see having a working relationship with them, and because they do good work. Often, they may not be the cheapest cleaner out there, but in the end will be worth every penny in dependability and quality.

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