• Clare Newmark

7 Hacks To Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

Just look at those cute little innocent faces.

Yes, they are lovely members of our family and need tidying up after just like the rest of us. But oh my, do they ever require a lot of work. Pet hair, dander, muddy paws, spilled food and drool. And, oh my, a litter box if you have an indoor cat.

Here are 5 cleaning hacks to keep pet mess to a minimum:

  1. Latex gloves. Yes, one of my best cleaning supplies for pet hair. Just slide your gloved hand over the sofa or even car upholstery. Then just vacuum it away.

  2. Spray a little cooking spray on your dog and cat dish, it prevents gummy food from sticking, and makes cleaning a whole lot easier. I put their food dishes on a washable place mat for spills.

  3. Have a spray bottle filled with fresh smelling and *non toxic citrus, vinegar and dish soap on hand as well as an old cotton terry towel to spot spray areas where there is drool or paw prints and on the blackened greasy corners where your pet rubs as they move around the house.

  4. Use a cannister vacuum with a brush head rather than using an upright. The brush head gets under furniture and captures floating hair and the air vent is on top so it doesn't blow the pet hair around like an upright vacuum cleaner does.

  5. Lay washable area rugs where your pet likes to hunker down, and the front and back entrances. My friend's dog loves to lie with the cat in front of the fireplace, even when it's off.

  6. If your pet loves to lounge on your furniture, keep an assortment of stylish cotton "pet throws" stored that are washable a multitude of times. This will help prolong your furniture fabric and prevent it from turning black and greasy.

  7. For that stinky litter box try baking soda mixed with a couple drops of citrus essential oil. Keep the area well ventilated, scoop daily and change it often. Wash the box frequently with the *non toxic citrus, vinegar and dish soap recipe I have provided. And - something I just learned from a friend - if litter sticks on the bottom of the box, rub a light layer of coconut oil to prevent sticking.

I hope you enjoy these cleaning hacks for your pets.

*Here is my recipe for the fresh scented non toxic citrus, vinegar and dish soap spot spray.

What you need:

Citrus fruit rinds and pulp

White distilled vinegar

Dish soap liquid, unscented or citrus scent

Citrus essential oil (optional)

A wide mouth Mason jar with a lid

Spray bottle

Fill a mason jar with the rinds and pulp of all the citrus fruits you eat, and cover with white vinegar. Put the lid on. Let infuse for a week. Strain the mixture into a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of unscented or citrus scented soap. A couple drops of citrus essential oil is optional for a stronger scent. Shake slightly and it's ready to clean those tough greasy smudges where your pet rubs against the walls Also use it to clean drool and vomit.

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